About Us


We are family owned and operated

The whole family and some extended family play an important part in making this business what it is today. We pride ourselves in bringing you natural products straight from the hive.


David Behlen

David started his beekeeping endeavor in 2014 as a complimentary hobby alongside gardening. David has a passion for learning new things, which is good because there is always something new to learn about Honey Bees! In 2015 the oilfield took a dive and David decided to leave his engineering role to start a small honey bee business. The Behlen family currently manages around 200 hives in and around Colorado County. Look closely as you drive through the hill country you might see our colorful boxes peaking through the foliage.


Bobbie & Zachary Behlen

Bobbie is a registered nurse at our community hospital by day and helps David manage the bees in the evening and on weekends. Bobbie has always had a love of nature and being outdoors as well as all things crafty. In her free time Bobbie enjoys making beautiful handcrafted old fashioned lye soap as well as other wax products.