Honey Bee Relocation


Honey Bees typically swarm in spring but with Texas weather we get swarm calls most of the year.

Swarm- When half  or a portion of the colony decide to leave the crowded hive with a queen in search of a new home. 

Swarms are generally not defensive and easier to relocate.

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Relocation of an established hive.

Unfortunately for home owners Honey Bees can take up residence in a matter of minutes. All they need is 3/8 of an inch in an unsealed crack and they will march right in. When Honey Bees move into a home they need to be removed by an experienced beekeeper. Any comb left in the structure can cause extensive damage with mold and other pests attracted to the sweet honey. Behlen Bees will remove all comb and bees with as little damage to your property and the bees as possible. Honey Bees will be relocated to one of our apiaries.

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Honey Bees play an important role in pollenating our food!

Behlen Bees believe that all honey bees are important and do our best to be good stewards of the bees. We love to share our knowledge of apiculture and teach others good beekeeping practices. Be prepared for a complimentary lesson with your honey bee relocation.

Agricultural Exemption Consultation

Have you been thinking about getting an agriculture exemption on your property?

Honey Bees qualify on 5-20 acres. 

Behlen Bees can help with that!

Contact your local county appraisal office to determine number of hives required to get your property in agriculture exemption.

Behlen Bees will do all the work!

You reap the benefits of thousands saved in property taxes year after year.

Honey Processing

Behlen Bees Honey House

Our Honey House is inspected by the Texas Department of Health and we hold a Food Manufactures License.

Have hives but no equipment to process?

Behlen Bees can help with that!